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Dental implants are a highly effective options for promoting your overall oral health and completing your smile. At Friedl Dentistry, our general dentists have the experience and skills you want when searching for the right practice for dental implant procedures. From pre-implant services to placing your implant posts and finishing them with beautiful restorative dental prosthetics, we aim to provide for all your dental implant needs.

We're pleased to offer effective dental implant services to our new and current patients. We also take pride in being a team that other general dentists in the area choose to refer patients to for implant procedures, so you can feel confident you'll receive implant services you can rely on. Whether you need a simple single-tooth replacement or something more complex, we can give you the smile you deserve. Contact our practice today to learn how our dental implant services can improve your oral health!


What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots surgically bonded to your jawbone, which support replacement tooth-shaped prosthetics like crowns or dentures. The implant posts that will serve as the base for your new prosthetic teeth are made of strong and durable body-safe materials like titanium or titanium alloy. When we talk about dental implants, we're referring to three elements:

  • The Post
  • The Abutment
  • The Restoration

Leaving missing teeth untreated can lead to adverse oral health issues like shifting teeth, gum disease, and bone loss. Our dental implants offer a solution to these problems. From functional benefits like making chewing and speaking easier to promoting your oral health by stimulating your jawbone and gums, dental implants are a key solution for your smile. They'll also assist in keeping your teeth in the proper alignment and offer a major boost in your dental aesthetic by filling in unwanted gaps between teeth.

Our Implant-Supported Denture Process

A major focus at our practice is helping you transition to a functional smile with implant dentures. Our dentist will perform a thorough oral examination and may refer you for a CBCT scan to ensure we have all the diagnostic information necessary to confidently recommend denture implants.

There are many different reasons you may be seeking implant dentures. Some people may already have traditional dentures and want a secure alternative that provides excellent function and aesthetic appeal. Others may be experiencing extensive gum disease or tooth decay that requires a full-clearance extraction and new dentures.

Whatever the case, our talented team has the skill and experience to help restore you to excellent overall oral health. Our process for denture implants is similar in some ways to our single-tooth replacement implants. However, there may be some additional steps and differences you'll want to be aware of. We can separate the process into four phases following the initial exam:

Extractions: If you're getting a denture for the first time, you may need extractions to prepare your mouth for denture implants. Our general dentists will be able to perform your extractions at our office. We offer a full slate of pain and anxiety-reducing dental sedation options, including IV sedation under the care of a certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA). We'll talk to you about the extraction process and sedation options and discuss any concerns or questions about your options.

Pre-Implant Procedures: If we determine your jawbone is not currently healthy enough to support dental implants, we can employ pre-implant treatment options like bone grafts or sinus lifts to strengthen your jawbone. These procedures will help your implants successfully bond to your jawbone, giving you a sturdy prosthetic with exceptional longevity if cared for properly.

Dental Implant Post Placement: Our skilled team will place your implant posts in carefully selected locations. Working with a skilled denture center, we design traditional dentures that disperse chewing force evenly across your jawbone, usually with 6-8 post placements, providing excellent function.

Final Restoration Placement: Because we focus on providing dental function as quickly as possible, you'll have a temporary denture placed immediately after we place your posts. While you heal, a trusted dental lab will create your permanent denture, and when it's completed, you'll return to our practice to have your sturdy, natural-looking permanent denture placed.

What Is All-on-4®?

All-on-4 is a process that involves supporting a full arch of teeth with four strategically placed dental implant posts. This method of receiving implant-supported dentures can help reduce your time in the exam chair and lead to quick recovery times, should you qualify for the procedure. Our dentists will be available to consult with you about whether a traditional approach or the All-on-4 process will best fulfill your needs.

Your Practice for Dental Implants in Windsor

At Friedl Dentistry, our skilled team is passionate about providing you with a comprehensive dental implant experience. By striving to offer in-house services, we can cut down on extra trips to specialists and ensure the quality of your implants at every step. We look forward to meeting you and learning about your dental implant needs. Contact our practice today to learn how we can give you the functional, healthy smile you deserve!



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