Experienced Wisdom Teeth Removal in Windsor

Wisdom teeth removal can seem like a stressful prospect. At Friedl Dentistry, our friendly team leverages the experience of our three general dentists to provide effective extraction treatments. Whether you need a simple extraction for an erupted wisdom tooth or have a severely impacted wisdom tooth, we are well-equipped to provide the relief you need.

We're passionate about creating more functional smiles and minimizing wisdom tooth-related pain for the residents of Windsor and the surrounding communities. We look forward to meeting you and creating a plan for promoting your optimal oral health. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and get the help you need for your wisdom tooth complications.


Do I Need to Get My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

You might wonder if wisdom teeth extraction is necessary for you, especially when you don't feel noticeable oral pain. Our team of dentists will thoroughly examine your whole smile and use diagnostic tools to decide the best course of action for maintaining your health. Some of the most common reasons you might need to get your wisdom teeth removed include:

  • When one or more wisdom teeth become impacted or erupt at an unsafe angle
  • When we discover damaged or cracked wisdom teeth
  • Wisdom teeth causing crowded or crooked teeth
  • If a severe tooth infection has spread to one or multiple wisdom teeth
  • If your wisdom teeth have decayed or become damaged and are beyond repair
  • When gum disease has caused one or more wisdom teeth to become loosened

Our Wisdom Teeth Extraction Process

We want you to be confident about the care you'll receive at our practice, regardless of the procedure. Our team provides you with education on your situation and discusses your treatment plan with you. We will always take the time to answer questions and want you to feel comfortable with the procedures we have planned for you.

At your initial appointment, we focus on thoroughly examining your whole smile to help maximize the success of your procedure. We'll use advanced diagnostic techniques and tools to create a precise plan for removing your wisdom teeth and discuss our approach with you.

After the initial exam, our team schedules your procedure for removing wisdom teeth that are currently causing problems or may cause problems in the future. We will begin by anesthetizing the area around your wisdom teeth and administering any other sedation techniques as needed.

Everyone's wisdom tooth removal is different, and extraction methods mainly depend on how much your teeth have erupted past your gum line or how impacted they are. Even if your care needs are complex, our team of dentists has the experience and skills to maximize the chances of your procedure's success.

Sedation Options for Your Comfort

We understand that people may have anxiety or fear when thinking about getting their wisdom teeth extracted. That's why our team works hard to create a relaxing and comfortable office environment that helps put worries to rest. We're pleased to make any possible accommodations to help make you feel more comfortable and will talk you through your care at every step. To help ease stress, our dentist is happy to discuss options like nitrous oxide sedation and IV sedation, depending on your needs.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Aftercare & Recovery

After your wisdom teeth removal, we will educate you or your loved ones on how to best care for the extraction sites. Proper care helps reduce recovery times and minimize the chance of complications arising as you heal. Some effective aftercare practices to promote a successful recovery include:

  • Avoid spitting regularly or excessively, as this can cause the blood clot from the socket to dislodge.
  • Manage your pain with an over-the-counter pain reliever.
  • Place ice or a cold compress against your jaw to numb tender areas and reduce swelling.
  • Rest and allow ample time to relax and focus on healing.
  • Drink lots of water, and avoid caffeinated drinks, alcohol, or hot beverages for at least two days following your wisdom teeth removal.
  • Avoid using straws for drinking, as the action of sucking through a straw can cause blood clots to become dislodged from the extraction sites.
  • Do not consume chewy, hot, or spicy foods that may irritate your wound.

Additionally, for the first 24 hours after your procedure, you won't be able to brush your teeth. Instead, rinse your mouth, swishing very gently, with mouthwash and lukewarm water. After the first day, take your time and be gentle as you perform your dental hygiene routine, especially around the extraction sites.

Your Practice for Wisdom Teeth Removal in Windsor

While getting your wisdom teeth can be a nerve-wracking prospect, our friendly and skilled team is here to make it as comfortable as possible. Our dentists will use their many years of practical experience to help make your wisdom teeth removal experience as efficient and effective as possible. We look forward to meeting you and using the tools and techniques we've carefully selected to make your wisdom teeth extractions something you can feel very confident about. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and experience compassionate care that puts your comfort first!



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